Open Sesame

Open Sesame
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Dates Pesto Honey Parsley Dill Hazelnut Chocolate Sweet Chili

Original Tahini

An original blend of sesame, with no additives. A classic all natural tahini experience.

Spicy Chili Tahini

Classic tahini seasoned with a hot, fiery flavor. Adds spice to any meat or vegetable dish.

Classic Hot Red Pepper Tahini

Adding a pinch of hot red peppers to classic tahini, giving it an intensely pungent flavor and aroma. Not for the faint hearted.

Tuscan Tahini

Tahini with a taste of Italy. Classic tahini seasoned with Italian herbs for a more savory, spicy flavor.

Chimichurri Tahini

Chimichurri combines an Argentinian touch of cilantro, parsley and oregano with the classic sesame tahini flavor. A great addition to meat and poultry marinades or sauces.

Peanut Butter Tahini

Classic tahini infused with a creamy, buttery flavor. Fills your mouth with a velvety sensation.

Date Syrup Tahini

A natural sweeterner to the classic sesame taste. It provides a deep, rich flavor for both savory and sweet dishes.

Pesto Tahini

Fresh basil, garlic and walnuts, a heavenly combination of flavors added to classic tahini. It's an extremely versatile seasoning, that can freshen up the taste of almost any dish.

Honey Tahini

A sweet, fruity addition to classic tahini. An ideal seasoning for the sweeter palette. Great ingredient to create the perfect dessert treat.

Parsley Tahini

Parsley enhances the classic tahini, bringing with it a fresh, full flavor. Perfect to spice up your average salad or dip.

Dill Tahini

Classic tahini spiced with a touch of dill. The perfect secret ingredient to enhance any salad or sauce.

Hazelnut and Chocolate Flavored Tahini

A decadent, rich, tahini. A chocolaty, nutty twist to the classic sesame taste. Perfect for desserts and confectionaries.

Sweet Chili Tahini

It's a sweet take on the spicy chili flavor. An original seasoning combination, that will make any dish taste different.

Original Halva Poppy Halva Chocolate Vanilla Halva Date Halva Chili Halva
Chocolate Halva Halva Hazelnut Halva Banana Halva Festival Halva Cracking Ensemble Rice Halva
Peanut Butter Halva Chocolate Hazelnut Halva Coffee Halva Whiskey Halva Pecans Halva

Classic Halva

A classic Middle Eastern confectionary, makes for a rich, luxurious dessert.

Halva Poppy Seed

Adding a deep and slightly crunchy texture to the classic halva. Brings a savory element to this sweet confection.

Halva Chocolate Vanilla

Everyone's two favorite flavors combined in swirls of Halva. A taste all palettes can delight in.

Halva Mediterranean Dates

Mediterranean dates offer a sweeter-than-candy flavor to classic Halva. The decadent date taste is ideal for dessert and treat time.

Halva Chili

Spicing up the classic halva with a hot, fiery flavor. Suits a more savory and experimental palette.

Halva Chocolate Drops

Adding a supreme chocolaty aroma to the classic halva. Ideal ingredient for decadent, exquisite desserts.

Halva Hazelnut

The rich, nutty flavor of hazelnut, gives the classic halva taste, a sweet and buttery texture.

Halva Banana

A fruity twist on the classic halva flavor. Adding a touch more sweetness, it is the perfect ingredient for banana inspired desserts.

Halva Chocolate Festival

It's a chocolate party. This halva is infused with a rich, velvety chocolate flavor. It will overwhelm your palette with goodness. 

Halva Cracking Ensemble

Halva complete with a delicious ensemble including almonds, pistachio nuts, cranberries and raisins. Perfect for the trail-mix lover.

Halva Rice Blast

Adding a crispy rice crunch to the classic halva taste. For a more savory, mellow flavor.

Halva Peanut Butter Delight

Halva infused with a mouthwatering, creamy peanut butter flavor. It's a melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

Halva Chocolate Hazelnut

The rich, nutty flavor of hazelnut combines with a velvety chocolate to produce a mouthwatering halva sensation. 

Halva Savory Coffee Beans

For caffeine lovers, coffee bean halva is the ultimate combination of flavors. It lends a deep, savory texture to classic halva. 

Halva Whisky

A unique, yet subtle whisky flavor enhances the classic halva. A balance of sweet and savory with a touch of elegance. 

Halva Delicious Pecans

Halva with a delightful pecan flavor. Sweet, nutty and simply divine.